Jackson Township

41 Back St, PO Box 48
Millerton, PA  16936

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Monthly Minutes



Organizational Meeting--January 4, 2016--Jackson Township Supervisors


Meeting called to order by W Barnes at 7:00 pm.


Present were W Barnes, F VanDelinder, D Hoffman, Secretary and 7 visitors.


Everyone stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Motion to appoint F VanDelinder as Chairperson for the year by D Hoffman, sec W Barnes. 

Unanimous approval.

Motion to appoint W Barnes as Vice Chairperson by D Hoffman, sec F VanDelinder.

Unanimous approval.


Motion to appoint M Cogswell as Secretary/Treasurer by W Barnes, sec D Hoffman.

Unanimous approval.


Motion to appoint F Bell as Roadmaster for the year by W Barnes, sec F VanDelinder. 

Unanimous approval.


The Road Crew for the year is Foster Bell, Steven Austin and Ryan Buzako.  The wage

scale for the road crew is set by the Union.


Motion to hire the supervisors as employees by F VanDelinder, sec D Hoffman. 

Unanimous approval.


Motion to set the Secretary’s’ wages at $15.15 by D Hoffman, sec W Barnes. 

Unanimous approval.


Motion to set the Maintenance personnel wages at $10.97 by F VanDelinder, sec W Barnes.

Unanimous approval.


For full-time employees (32 hours or more) not covered by the union contract:

Motion that there be 10 paid holidays and to give Thursday or Monday off if a holiday falls on a

Friday, Saturday or Sunday by W Barnes, seconded D Hoffman.  Unanimous approval.

Motion to give 5 personal days per year after working a full year, by F VanDelinder, sec W Barnes.  Unanimous approval.


Motion to appoint and Frank VanDelinder as delegate and Don Hoffman as alternate delegate

to the North Central Sewage Agency by W Barnes, sec F VanDelinder.  Unanimous approval.


Motion to reappoint M Cogswell as Site Use Officer by W Barnes, sec Don Hoffman.  Unanimous approval.


Motion to appoint Jim Wilbur to the Municipal Authority by D Hoffman, sec W Barnes. Unanimous approval.


Motion to appoint Loomis/Koernig as Township Solicitor by F VanDelinder, sec W Barnes.

Unanimous approval.


Motion to reappoint M Cogswell as Right to Know Officer for the year by W Barnes,

sec F VanDelinder.  Unanimous approval.


Motion to set mileage for use of own vehicle      at the prevailing federal rate by W Barnes,

sec F VanDelinder.  Unanimous approval.  The current rate $ .54.


Motion to make the following recommendations to the Auditors:


Pay scale for Supervisor/employee:

if Secretary / Treasurer                                                          $ 11.00

if Roadmaster                                                                        $ 19.50

for laborer w/CDL                                                                 $ 15.00

for laborer w/o CDL                                                              $ 13.00

Maintenance                                                                          $ 11.00

and to set the Secretary/Treasurer bond at $1,800,000

by F VanDelinder, sec D Hoffman. 


Vote:  Yea—F VanDelinder, D Hoffman; Nay—W Barnes because he believes the bond needs to be reduced.  Motion carried.


Motion to appoint Herb Dunham as Chairman of the vacancy board by W Barnes, sec.

F VanDelinder.  Unanimous approval.


Motion to adopt Resolution R1-16, Designating Depositories for Township funds, by W Barnes, sec D Hoffman.


 Resolved that:           


Whereas, Section 708 of the Second Class Township Code requires the Board of

Supervisors to annually designate depositories for all Township Funds


Section 1:  All Township funds for the year 2016, or until another depository

or other depositories are designated by similar action of the Board of Supervisors,

shall be deposited in the name of Jackson Township with the Pennsylvania Local

Government Investment Trust (PLGIT), of Post Office Box 1027, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania;

or First Citizens National Bank, of 15 S. Main Street, Mansfield, Pennsylvania, or any of its branch locations.


Motion carried unanimously.


Motion that monthly meetings be held on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Monday at 7:00pm byF VanDelinder, sec W Barnes. 

Unanimous approval.


Motion that the Supervisors and the Secretary be allowed to attend the State Convention, and that W Barnes be

the voting delegate by F VanDelinder, sec D Hoffman.  Unanimous approval.


Motion to compensate supervisors at $100.00 @ day for attending convention by W Barnes,

sec F VanDelinder,  Unanimous approval.


Motion that the Supervisors get paid monthly by F VanDelinder, sec D Hoffman.  Unanimous approval.


Motion to adopt Resolution R2-16, authorizing the Secretary to pay noted bills out of approved

accounts by F VanDelinder, sec W Barnes.


 Resolved that:


            Whereas, it has been determined by the Board of Supervisors of Jackson Township that it

             is in the best interest of the Township to pay certain bills when received or due.


            Section 1:  The Township Secretary/Treasurer is hereby authorized to pay when received

            or due:  Utility bills (gas and electric), Payroll checks and related taxes, Union Dues, Health

            and Pension bills, Internet, Telephone, postage, Draper’s, John Barnes, Griffiths Energy,

            Williams Oil & Propane Co., Real Estate taxes, Casella Waste Svs, Mansfield PennySaver

            and Employee clothing allowance reimbursement bills out of the appropriate accounts.


Unanimous approval.


Motion to reaffirm the following:

            Working supervisors get paid their regular working rate (1/2 day class)

            Working supervisors get paid their regular working rate (All day class)

            Non-working supervisors get paid $100.00 (All day class)

            Supervisors get paid $50.00 for a night class or meeting other than the regular supervisors meeting.

            A Supervisor who gets called out outside normal hours gets paid a minimum of 2 hours time

            All employees who go to classes or meetings when asked to do so by the Supervisors,

            get paid their hourly wage or a rate set by the Supervisors

            Full-time working supervisors are entitled to hospitalization and insurance

Motion by W Barnes, sec D Hoffman.  Unanimous approval.


Motion to adjourn by W Barnes, sec F VanDelinder.  Unanimous approval.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary L Cogswell,






January 4, 2016








The Regular Meeting of the Jackson Township Supervisors was called to order by Chairman


F VanDelinder at 37 Back St., Millerton, PA  16936.


Present were Supervisors Frank VanDelinder, Walter Barnes, Don Hoffman, Secretary and 7 visitors.






Visitors were acknowledged at this time. 


It was stated that Constable Don Dapp, along with Supervisor Don Hoffman, attended a swearing in ceremony for new officials in Wellsboro today.




Motion by W Barnes, second by D Hoffman, to approve the minutes of December 1, 2015.  Unanimous approval.




Treasurer’s Report:                                                              2016                                                                2015


General Checking (PLGIT)                 $     63,282.95                         $      51,650.90


Regular Checking FCCB                     $       2,564.45                         $        2,460.37


         [FCCB CD#1                              $     90,846.40                         $      90,483.92]


         [FCCB CD#2                              $   402,684.47                         $    401,880.11]


         [FCCB CD#3                              $   109,688.09                         $    109,414.75]


         [FCCB CD#4                              $   109,688.09                         $    109,414.75]


State Fund (PLGIT)                             $       6,627.68                         $           194.18


          Savings (FCCB)                        $          246.77                         $           245.00


         [FCCB CD’s                               $     15,775.01                         $      10,755.13]


         [FCCB CD                                  $     14,257.56                         $      14,236.55]


         [FCCB CD                                  $       9,312.50                         $        4,290.77]


Capital Reserve (PLGIT)                     $       1,001.54                         $        1,000.88


       [FCCB CD                                    $   171,285.67                         $    170,261.80]        


       [FCCB CD                                    $     20,075.44     


Capital Rsv-Marcellus Shale (1st Cit)  $   245,238.61                         $    277,576.27


         [Non-Gov CR CD—BEVFD      $     86,965.41                         $      69,582.63]


         [Non-Gov CR CD—MVFD       $     86,965.41                         $      69,582.63]


         [JTMA Chkg                               $       7,444.83                         $        7,441.11]                    


Community Ctr CD                              $     36,398.33                         $      36,343.79


Petty Cash -                                          $            43.79                         $             49.02


JT 2015                                                 $     17,842.24                         $      10,843.11


JT Investment Fund                              $          202.19                         $           202.14




Income Received:  to General:


Comm of PA                                                     Police Fines                                $       1,934.19


US Postal Serv                                                  Rent                                                     1,319.50


PSATS UC Group                                             Rebate                                                      34.35


L Wales                                                             SU Permit                                                 25.00


Keystone                                                           LST                                                           40.78


Keystone                                                           EIT                                                      2,341.10


Keystone                                                           EIT                                                         200.00


S Smith                                                             Rent GMC                                               50.00


Keystone                                                           EIT                                                      1,600.00


R Root                                                               RE Taxes                                             4,199.95


T Rumsey                                                          Sluice pipe                                              182.80


R Copley                                                           Rent GMC                                                53.00


Keystone                                                           EIT                                                         200.00


Tioga Co Comm                                               Delinquent taxes                                  1,273.15


Keystone                                                           EIT                                                         100.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $   13,553.82


                  to JT 2015:


Cash                                                                   3 Book                                           $         90.00


Cash                                                                   1 Book                                                      30.00


D Austin                                                            1 Book                                                      30.00


Cash                                                                   decorating contest                                    20.00


J Roupp                                                              decorating contest                                    15.00


J Eighmey                                                          2 books                                                     60.00


                                                                                                                                 $        245.00




Bills paid outside approved accounts for the month:




                  Draper’s                                  233.93             ck#6311


                  Penelec                                    427.01             ck#6318


                  Central Penn Gas                    179.70             ck#6319


                  North Penn Family                    88.24             ck#6320


                  AT&T                                        55.32             ck#6321


                  Casella Waste                            53.70             ck#6322




Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report by F VanDelinder, seconded W. Barnes.  Unanimous approval.




Committee Reports:




School Committee:


Brad Westlake asked if the Board of Supervisors would give the Committee an extension for fact finding about the school. 


Supervisor Barnes said the office received the asbestos abatement report from the school.  Mr. Barnes spoke of other problems at the school,

such as the furnace and plumbing.  He had also received an estimate for the roof repairs on the newer section of $ 85,000.  A Christian asked

if the Board would support the Committee investigation into grants and uses for the building.  There were additional comments concerning

the pros and cons of repairing the school building.  Supervisor Hoffman stated he believed the Board could allow the Committee to further

research the feasibility of refurbishing the school.  The Board agreed to table the discussion until the mid-month meeting.




Parks & Recreation:  No Report.




Sewer Agency:  Supervisor F VanDelinder said the Agency passed the 2016 Budget.  The Agency is still discussing assessing the townships at a later date.




Municipal Authority:  Clyde Gilbert said everything is going good.




                  Tioga Tax Collection Committee:  No Report.




Bicentennial Committee:  Supervisor Barnes said the next meeting is January 11.




Road Report:  Butch Bell read the Road Report.  Motion by F VanDelinder, second by W Barnes, to accept the Road Report.  Unanimous approval.




Secretary Report:  The Secretary read the Secretary’s Report.  Motion W Barnes, second F VanDelinder, to accept the Secretary’s Report.  Unanimous approval.




Old Business:


There was no ‘Old Business’.




New Business:


Auditor appointment:  Supervisor Barnes said he spoke with Andrea Weir about the auditor’s position and she is agreeable to the appointment.  W Barnes motioned to appoint Andrea Weir to the auditor’s position, which was vacated by Donald Hoffman on November 4, 2015, for the remaining two years.  Seconded D Hoffman.  Unanimous approval.




Supervisor VanDelinder said the excavator should be taken to Warner’s for modification in the future when it is not needed.




Clyde Gilbert mentioned the article about Jackson Township being in the Township News.




There was no Miscellaneous Business.






Winter Maintenance—The Board agreed for the road crew to attend the class in Mansfield if there is no snow.




Motion by W. Barnes, seconded by F. VanDelinder, to pay the bills on the Bill List.  Unanimous approval.




$ 9,413.75 – Gen’l.     $ 3,764.46 – State;   $ 50.00 out of Bicentennial       




Motion to cancel the mid-month meeting by W Barnes, seconded by F VanDelinder.  Unanimous approval.




Motion to adjourn by F. VanDelinder, seconded by W. Barnes.  Unanimous approval.




Respectfully Submitted,


Mary L. Cogswell, Sect’y