Jackson Township

41 Back St, PO Box 48
Millerton, PA  16936

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Monthly Minutes



September 1, 2020




The Regular Meeting of the Jackson Township Supervisors was called to order at 7:04pm by Chairman

D Hoffman at 37 Back St., Millerton, PA  16936.

Present were Supervisors Walter Barnes, Frank VanDelinder, Donald Hoffman, the Secretary, and 1 guest. 



Visitors were acknowledged at this time: 



Correction to Treasurer’s Report for Aug 4, 2020.  Balance of Parks and Recreation Checking at FCCB was $5,322.09, not $6,322.09 as was reported.


Motion to accept the corrected meeting minutes for the Regular Meetings of August 4, 2020 by W Barnes, seconded by F VanDelinder.   Unanimous Approval.



Treasurer’s Report:                                                             

                                                                      2020                                             2019

General Fund: 

            Checking (PLGIT)                  $   268,664.48                       $      114,273.86

            Regular Checking FCCB       $     13,669.72                      $        21,769.55

            FCCB CD#1                            $     93,692.49                       $        92,806.51

            FCCB CD#3                            $              0.00                       $        39,400.55

            FCCB CD#4                            $              0.00                       $        50,436.67

            CommunityCtrCD (03/19/20)  $              0.00                      $        36,603.61

            Term                                        $              0.00                       $      400,000.00

            Prime                                      $   409,111.15

            Petty Cash                              $            46.80                       $                   

State Fund:

            Checking (PLGIT)                  $   240,183.99                       $      145,911.11

            Savings (FCCB)                     $          517.40                       $             517.14

            FCCB CD’s                             $       5,899.19                       $          5,885.18

            FCCB CD                                $     14,449.46                       $        14,404.26

            FCCB CD                                $       9,480.69                       $          9,451.01

            Term                                       $              0.00                       $      120,000.00          

            Prime                                      $   272,546.74                       $      150,000.00

Capital Reserve: 

            Checking (PLGIT)                  $     62,505.74                       $        61,854.26

            FCCB CD                                $     20,175.58                       $        20,125.16                      

Capital Rsv Marcellus Shale:

            Checking (FCCB)                  $   287,163.17                        $      246,246.17

            Term (PLGIT)                                                                        $      300,000.00

            BEVFD  (CD)                          $   128,278.27                        $      125,700.51

            MVFD   (CD)                           $   128,278.27                        $      125,700.51

            BEVFD (CD)                           $     14,550.58

            MVFD (CD)                             $     14,550.58

            BEVFD                                    $     11,323.00     

            MVFD                                      $     11,323.00

JT Investment Fund                          $          290.99  General Funds  $         210.53

            Term  (PLGIT) (11/20/19)        $              0.00 

            Prime                                       $   304,062.60 Marcellus Shale

JT 2015                                                $              0.00                         $        5,264.63

Community Center-Park

            Prime (PLGIT)                         $     25,521.23

Parks and Recreation

            Checking (FCCB)                  $       14,188.41

            Savings (SCU)                       $            25.00

            CD1 (SCU)                              $       6,516.91

            CD2 (SCU)                              $       1,943.87


Bills paid outside approved accts:


            AT&T                                           $        59.15                              ck#8227

            North Penn Family of Service  $        96.95                              ck#8225

            UGI                                              $        82.12                              ck#8224

            Penelec                                       $      337.51                              ck#8226

            Randall J Smith                          $      400.00                              ck#8228

            Amtrust North America              $   1,921.00                              ck#8229



Motion by F VanDelinder, second W Barnes to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Unanimous Approval.



Committee Reports:

Parks & Recreation:  No meeting for September, next meeting is October 1st.

 C Gilbert reported that Phyllis Curren researched cemeteries in Millerton and found that in addition to the Civil War vets located in the Alder Run and Millerton Cemeteries there are 6 Revolutionary War veterans, 1 War of 1812 veteran, and 1 Spanish American War veteran buried in cemeteries within Jackson Township.  These veterans total 46.  The Parks and Recreation Board approved spending $1000 on bricks for the monument.  The plan to have bricks made for these 46 vets.  Upon completion of these bricks they should have $80 remaining for other veterans.  C Gilbert contacted the monument company and none of the bricks have been made yet.  The company has been very busy.

The secretary reported she met with Phyllis Curren and updated the account information at Solutions Credit Union.  The township supervisors need to stop into Solutions Credit Union and provide their information.  The secretary moved all but $25 from the Solutions Credit Union savings account to the Parks and Recreation checking account at First Citizens Community Bank. 

One of the Parks and Recs CDs at Solutions is reaching maturity on September 9th.  Rates at Solutions are better than at First Citizens Community Bank. 

F VanDelinder motioned to allow the Parks and Recreation CD at Solutions Credit Union valued at $6,516.91 to automatically renew on September 3, 2020. W Barned second.  Unanimous Approval



Sewer Agency:  F VanDelinder reported that he received a permit for a septic tank for the Big Elm Fire Department.  The jeep (a company vehicle for NCSA) was in for repairs.  They limited the repairs to $1000, but the jeep also needed to be inspected and additional repairs were needed to allow inspection.   The jeep is back but they haven’t received a bill for repairs yet.

Municipal Authority:  C Gilbert reports JTMA has 2 flow meters in place.  They are waiting for a high flow event.  One flow meter has been in place for a couple of months.  The second meter has only been in place for a month.  They have use of the flow meters for as long as they need them.  JTMA is inquiring about costs of manhole risers.  3 need to be replaced.  Depending on price additional risers may also be purchased.  


Tioga Tax Collection Committee: Meeting on August 19.  W Barnes reported Collections are better than expected. 


Road Report:  Roadmaster not present.  No Road Report.


Secretary Report:  The Secretary read the Secretary’s report.  Motion by W Barnes, second F VanDelinder, to accept the Secretary’s Report.  Unanimous Approval.


Old Business:


1989 Paystar Sealed Bids:  No sealed bids were received Secretary will re-advertise, once in Star Gazette and twice in Penny Saver.  The road crew will remove the tank and set by the road where it will be more visible.


Empire Access:  Secretary reported Frank Pillings from the Roseville Office contacted the township office.  F Pillings asked that the supervisors be made aware that Empire Access can increase the franchise fee from 4% to 5% but that the cost increase will be passed directly to the customers.  He also wanted to make the supervisors were aware that the cable franchise will likely only be around at most 5 years with customer’s increased use of other sources.

W Barnes motioned revise the existing Franchise Agreement with North Penn Video to increase the current 4% franchise fee to a 5% franchise fee, second F VanDelinder.  Vote:  Yes:  F VanDelinder and D Hoffman.  No:  W Barnes.  Motion Carried.

W Barnes stated that he voted no because he doesn’t use the service.


Doors for Equipment Shed:  F VanDelinder contacted 3 companies, received 2 quotes.

Overhead Doors:  College Ave, Elmira, NY

Doors will be 16w x 14h commercial steel insulated doors, white, 1 row of insulated windows, full perimeters seals, torsion springs, opener plates and struts.   They will install 4 full industrial trolley drawbar openers with safety photo beams, 1 wall control, 1 transmitter per door, prewired for 115volt 1 phase power.  Both models will be polyurethane with seals between each section.

            4 doors with 4 openers installed – no tax.  R = 13.65            (1 3/8” thick)               $17,000.00

   4 doors with 4 openers installed – no tax   R=19.40 (2” thick)                           $18,850.00


Forbes Overhead Doors:  Canton, PA

16w x 14h steel insualted doors, polyurethane


            4 doors, R = 13.45                              $12,000.00

            4 doors, R = 16.1                                            $15,000.00

            Trolley                                                             $  3,300.00

            Openers                                                                       $  3,500.00


Curtis Bush Overhead Doors:  Millport, NY

No Reply – No estimate


W Barnes motioned, having solicited 3 quotes, to purchase 4 overhead doors with a minimum R13 value plus openers at the lowest price provided.  Second F VanDelinder.  Unanimous Approval. 


Concrete for New Equipment Shed:  F VanDelinder has set up an appointment with Joe Button to get an estimate for placing concrete in the equipment shed.   J Button may be able to place concrete as early as mid-September.   F VanDelinder purchased pipe to be placed at corners of doors to protect doors from damage.  The supervisors discussed installing concrete across entire floor or half of the floor now and half of the floor at a later time. 

D Hoffman motioned that the township will purchase concrete provided that it comes in at less than $11,200 to install the entire floor.  Second W Barnes.  Unanimous Approval. 

W Barnes motioned that the township purchase rebar, wire mesh and other supplies as needed for the project.  F VanDelinder second.  Unanimous Approval. 

W Barnes motioned to hire labor as needed to install floor providing that labor cost is less than $11,200.00.  F VanDelinder second.  Unanimous Approval. 


Permits for stream work for North Road and Near Cemetery by Bly Road:

Permits were approved for the repairs to block walls in streams adjacent to Bly Road and North Road. 

Secretary will contact Joe Penner and Solid Ground Services to make appointments for site visits and solicit quotes for repairs. 


Delinquent Properties:  C Gilbert submitted a signed petition stating:  Jackson Township Supervisors, Whereas Jackson Township has an ordinance numbering 1-95 addressing the accumulation of solid waste in Jackson Township.  We the undersigned request enforcement on the property at 188 White Rd.  If ordinance were enforced currently used equipment would easily be situated outside the township road cartway eliminating a congestion hazard, which has been brought to your attention numerous times previously.  Petition contains nine signatures.

 The township secretary previously sent a letter to the residence asking that vehicles be removed from the right of way because they were posing a hazard.  C Gilbert stated that his son had discussed the issue with state police and was informed that if the township sent the state police a copy of the letter the state police would assist in enforcing the right of way.  D Hoffman motioned to send a copy of the letter addressed to Ernest White regarding right of way encroachment to the state police to assist in right of way enforcement.  F VanDelinder second.  Unanimous Approval. 



New Business:   

Tioga County Junk Ordinance: W Barnes obtained a copy of the Tioga County Junk Ordinance.  Tioga County had no authority in regards to junk accumulated on properties in Jackson Township since Jackson Township has an existing Junk Ordinance.  D Hoffman will contact the solicitor to determine consequences of repealing the Jackson Township Junk Ordinance. 


Insurance for New Equipment Shed:  F VanDelinder requested that the secretary contact the insurance company and insure the equipment shed for $100,000.00.

Lions Club:  Citation on Wall:  Lions Club received a citation from Clint Owlett and contacted the township secretary requesting permission to hang it on the wall of the Garrett Miller Center.  W Barnes motioned allow the Lions Club to display their citation on the wall of the Garrett Miller Center, F VanDelinder second.  Unanimous Approval.


Labor Law Posting:  Secretary received advertisements for labor law postings.  Supervisors requested secretary research current labor law posters and print off free versions. 2 sets.



Classes:  None


Bill List:

W Barnes motion to accept the bills on the Bill List.  Second F VanDelinder.  Unanimous approval.


$4,395.13 out of General; $5,046.90 out of State;  $94,982.96 out of Marcellus Shale, $2,471.99 out of Parks and Recreation


Motion to adjourn by F VanDelinder second W Barnes.  Unanimous approval. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Julie Hess, Secretary